If you are a data scientist or engineer, at some point you want to bring your algorithm to production. And that means installing libraries, managing dependencies, deploying your scrips and models, versioning, serving, and running out of compute. Let’s be honest: deployment is hard. The tools we use are not as helpful as they could be, because they are not designed for our specific needs. And we lose ourselves in time-consuming model deployments and infrastructure management. That is not what we are meant for. We want to make sure that our time is best spent where we are needed, developing algorithms and code to create impact.

That’s why we have created UbiOps.

UbiOps allows data scientists and engineers to quickly and easily turn their data science and machine learning code into a ready-to-use and fully managed data application. It handles containerization of the user's code, deploying it as a microservice, serving it by providing an API endpoint, performing request handling, automatic scaling, monitoring, managing data flows and outgoing connections to data storage solutions."You be Ops!".

Our people are at the core of our success. Our fast-growing team consists of international young, eager, ambitious, and smart people with various backgrounds who all share a passion for technology. Our company is characterized by a culture of collaboration and taking ownership. This structure encourages relationships based on mutual respect, trust, and honest feedback. We focus on the empowerment and personal growth of our employees. Because we grow hard, move fast and initiatives are embraced, you can have a great impact!